Telecommunications Redistribution

As one of the largest distribution teams in GCC and Africa with a focus on telecommunication products. We bring together re-distribution partners, retailers and consumers to make brands thrive.

With more than 10 years of industry experience our board understands the value of maintaining transparent and ethical relationships with our business partners. In a marketplace with hundreds of new entrants every year our telecommunications are undergoing tectonic shifts in GCC and Africa.

As fresh challengers keep nudging at the fundamentals of the status quo, an ecosystem of retailers, distributors, national distributors and principal companies working together as one cohesive unit, can face obstacles head on to fuel business and consumer growth.

It is our operations Methodologies that helps us to successfully manage relationships with our distributor partners and the thousands of retailers we do business with. To do this we have a flat manpower structure along with an open door culture; this allows us to maintain the work environment of a small family.

Respected and sought after, Vivandi group Telecom is excited and proud to be one of GCC and Africa’s largest distribution houses and it is our joy to lead this company into the future.



Market Research

We analyze existing market trends and translate them into opportunities for our partners and ourselves. This allows us to have an informed point of view at all times.


A flexible organization with the latest technology allows us to maximize efficiency for all players in our ecosystem and that’s Sustainability

Our Partners